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Grizzly Sales Force is a premier sales firm located in the heart of Memphis, TN and contracted by some of Fortune 500’s finest. With a specialty in results-driven face to face sales, Grizzly Sales Force represents the most impressive names in the telecom, cable/satellite, renewable energy, and merchant processing industries.

Companies looking to increase their profit margin and bottom line now turn to outsourcing, hiring an external team to improve the quality, efficiency and/or cost of work. The most important thing every business needs, and the hardest thing for any business to do, is to acquire new customers. Outsourced sales is a $10 BILLION industry, projected to reach $100 billion in the next 5 years. As our client and industry grow, we go.

We believe that building a business that transcends time depends upon the assorted collection of talented people. Uniting people of different cultures, backgrounds, and educations, and then coupling that with company principles of integrity, excellence and philanthropy guarantees success. With the combination of our clients, values, and team members, we believe that Memphis is just the beginning for Grizzly Sales Force!

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