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Why Direct Sales?

When growth in sales are needed, there are two routes a company can follow.  1) They use mass or indirect marketing and try to reach as many potential customers at one time or 2) they use direct marketing/sales in order to reach a smaller, more qualified percentage of customers.  As the use of technology increases though, the personalized factor decreases.

Forms of mass marketing like TV commercials, magazines, billboards and radio ads may sell products, but do not build lifelong customers. Through a face-to-face direct sales approach, Grizzly Sales Force can contribute an intimate aspect that mass marketing cannot. We form relationships that create long-term customers rather than impulse buyers.

Why would a Fortune 500 client choose Grizzly Sales Force?

Easy…because we’re experts in our sales field. We offer our clients a 100% return on their investment, a statement few others are willing to make, and substantial increases to their bottom line and market share ratios. No longer do our clients have to rely on outdated methods like telemarketing and direct mail when customized representation is available through Grizzly Sales Force!

What kind of internal growth does the company offer?

The answer is limitless growth! Imagine a company where there were clear and set paths for advancement into executive management positions, but also the freedom for entrepreneurial minds to pave their own way and create their own opportunity. Imagine an environment where advancement was based solely on results delivered to the client, rather than tenure or seniority. Growth is rapid, deliberate and readily available for performing and ambitious team members.

What does 5 years in the future look like for Grizzly Sales Force?

2021 looks like this: Grizzly Sales Force will now be present in 10 cities for our clients, overseeing a minimum of 3 sales campaigns in retail, business2business and business2consumer fields. We will have grown from a small start up of 7, to an organization of 150. We will remain humble and true to our beginnings and values, yet always dream bigger and bigger with each passing year. 5 years in the future looks ever so promising.