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At Grizzly Sales Force, every individual and position has a purpose and each is crucial to our company and client’s growth. There is no role bigger or smaller than another here. With ALL individuals starting from entry-level positions, the only thing that separates the playing field is work ethic. A career here is meant to be challenging and awakening, rooted in self-improvement and self-development. With our clients’ growth projections, the career opportunities are bountiful at Grizzly Sales Force.

9 Reasons Entrepreneurial Personalities Excel At Grizzly Sales Force


1. We Believe In Creative Freedom – We understand that entrepreneurial-minded people hate rules and micro-management. They desire the freedom to achieve their goals their way. We offer just  that: systematic training with enough room for budding entrepreneurs to spread their wings.


2. We’re Forward-Thinking – We aim to build the biggest revolution in sales that the world has ever seen. A powerhouse that will be in the top 1% of sales organizations focused on inspiring inner growth — an organization that will change lives in a way that will make us as influential as Google or Apple.  We love enormous, scary goals that force a person to have to change who they are to achieve them.


3. We Deliver Results – We are sufficiently profitable and will continue to see our profits grow by at least 25% every month.


4. We Only Hire Fantastic People – We only hire the best and brightest people.  For a typical entry-level position, we go through hundreds of resumes, only to hire three people a week. We know that the best want to be surrounded by the best and excellence attracts excellence.


5. We Stress Incentives – We treat our employees like family.  We reward our top people with monetary bonuses, as well as suits, drinks, Memphis Grizzly Tickets, dinner, and other fabulous incentives.  We believe hard work deserves recognition both through physical rewards and verbal affirmations.


6. We Empower Our People – A typical work week is 40 hours.  We allow our team room to use their creativity and come up with ideas on how to motivate and inspire their colleagues to bring the best out of everyone around them.


7. We Offer Stability – We are an able-bodied company that is not going anywhere.  Grizzly Sales Force is self-made and will be apart of the Memphis community for hundreds of years.  We will always be a staple and a valuable asset to the Memphis business community.


8. We’re Not Your Normal 9-5 – We put the “Fun” in Entrepreneurial FUNdamentals.  We work hard but play harder. Our youthful culture allows us to make growth and personal development exciting and innovative.  We are a well-disciplined, fine-tuned company that is also fun and exciting.  People look forward to coming to work every day.  There is never a dull moment here at Grizzly Sales Force.


9. We Promote Entrepreneurship – We believe that anyone willing to put in the work and make the necessary changes is capable of opening a small business. We help people achieve this dream.  We show them that it is truly within their grasp as long as they work for it.  We provide mentorship and full training to become an entrepreneur of their own company. No one has to sign an agreement to stay with Grizzly Sales Force for an extended period.  We teach transferable skills that allow people to expand our organization or take what they have learned to start their own business.  We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit within a person and will never hold anyone back from achieving their dreams in any endeavor. Our goal at Grizzly Sales Force is to spark the idea of ownership over a persons’ destiny/circumstances to reach whatever dreams they’ve always thought about but never had a chance to accomplish.


What we expect:

  • Reliability
  • Relentless work ethic
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Positive attitude
  • Hunger to grow

Reasons to work for Grizzly Sales Force:

  • Performance-based growth
  • Company-sponsored travel
  • Positive environment
  • Inspiration leadership team
  • Challenging work
  • Competitive compensation
  • Top-notch training and development

Current Openings: