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Corporate Culture

Culture in a business of any size can do one of two things; it can energize a team and foster unity or it can deplete talent and cohesion. We placed the creation and maintenance of a KILLER environment at the top of our list, and because of that have a flourishing team.

Interested in hiring us for our consulting services or seeking a career in sales? You can expect the following 4 staples in our Grizzly Sales Force culture:

  1. Recognition and rewards are never in short supply.
  2. Performance = promotions.
  3. Travel and networking quarterly, if not more.
  4. Team building and bonding activities are offered weekly to strengthen team unity.

When you picture where you want to commit your life’s work, it should be somewhere where you truly want to go to work daily. Some place where checking the clock is obsolete and your co-workers are more like family than someone you share desk space with. As Steve Jobs said it best, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”